ABOUT is your premier destination for comprehensive business structuring guidance, designed to maximize freedom and boost profits in your organization. 

We aim to facilitate an efficient, sustainable ecosystem within your enterprise, whether you're initiating a new venture or reinventing an existing one. Our dedicated team of business strategists and advisors delves deep into the anatomy of your business, inspecting your existing structure and scrutinizing its efficiency. 

We are committed to ensuring that your business is designed for sustainable growth, identifying areas of improvement and proposing effective solutions to enhance the seamless flow of operations. 

 In this era of dynamic business environments, branding stands as a crucial differentiator. 

At, we provide strategic insights to refine your branding, harmonizing it with your organization's vision and the market landscape. We understand that a solid brand not only represents your business but also acts as an implicit promise to your consumers - a promise of quality, consistency, and reliability. 

 Moving onto the fiscal aspect of your enterprise, our experts focus on aligning your banking decisions with your overarching business goals. Choosing the right banks and financial partners can significantly impact your cash flow management, profitability, and growth prospects. We guide you on leveraging 'Other People's Money' (OPM) effectively, assisting you in transforming your available cash into constructive credit.

 Navigating the intricate world of credit can be daunting, but at, we simplify this journey for you. You can maximize your credit profiles using your personal credit or business Employer Identification Number (EIN). We provide you with strategies to optimally use credit lines, thereby fueling your business growth and expanding your entrepreneurial possibilities.

 Join us at, where we believe in catalyzing robust business development, fostering formidable branding, and designing savvy credit structuring for your entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's think BIG, aim BIG, and achieve BIG!

To Sum It All Up

To Educate And Empower Those Looking To Have Financial Independence!

If we had to sum up our system it would be learning to create the habits of common sense practices in your life and finances.

1. Identifying & Pursuing Your Passions. ( *Goals & A.C.T.I.O.N.S.)

2. Managing The Income You Already Earn. ( Budgeting, Investing & Saving )

3. Increasing Your Income. ( Partnerships & Affiliates )

4. Decreasing Your Debt / Becoming Debt Free. ( Credit Mindfulness & Restoration )

5. Business, Home & Investment Property Ownership. ( Wealth & Sustainability )

It is time to change your life!!!

We Cover What Traditional Schools Don't.

Our comprehensive library of articles, guides, videos, podcasts, and tools is designed to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

Our Instructors, 
Well, Thats Where Your Profit Margins Increase!

Phase 1
Aug 8pm est
Creating or re-creating your business to streamline your processes for maximum freedom and profits. We will also be reviewing your present business structure to ensure it is designed for sustainable growth.
Phase 2
 Sep 8pm est
Focusing on choosing the right banks for your business goals. This will allow you to turn your cash into credit leveraging OPM. You can use your personal credit or business EIN to maximize your credit profiles.