Not Just Entrepreneurship

We are comprised of several professionals in the fields of Finance, Real Estate, Business, Crowd Funding, Education, Marketing, Technology, Economics, Mortgages and the Community Service industries.

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Our enhanced curriculum is geared toward the entrepreneur looking to take their idea from conception to profitability.

Many wanted friends and associates that were not inclined to entrepreneurship to have a means to move forward in their personal goals.

It was simple to take key parts from our training to tailor them towards those just looking to have a better life and fun doing it.

Our basic level curriculum assists you in learning to create the habits of common sense practices in your life and finances.

  1. Identifying, Pursuing & Incorporating Your Passions Daily. (Goals & A.C.T.I.O.N.S)
  2. Managing The Income You Already Earn. (Budgeting, Investing & Saving)
  3. Increasing Your Income. (Partnerships & Affiliates)
  4. Decreasing Your Debt / Becoming Debt Free. (Credit Mindfulness & Restoration)
  5. Business, Home & Investment Property Ownership. (Wealth & Sustainability)

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Challenges start twice a year and last for 6 months. Click on the pic below to find out more info and register for the FREE challenges.

Entrepreneurship 5.0

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