Ambition is the first steps towards success.

Interviewing many men, all ages and backgrounds led us to create a system geared toward the empowerment of men looking to build legacies within their family. Our philosophy  provides time tested principles combined with the most current information available to assist you with attaining, maintaining, increasing and saving the assets you work for.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the art of financial solvency?

 The Challenges start twice a year and last for 6 months. 

1. I pledge to save _____% of my gross income from all of my income sources to be used as an opportunity fund.

2. I pledge to pay down my debt systematically until I am at a comfortable level or debt free.

3. I pledge to achieve and maintain a credit score of 700 or above.

4. I pledge to share my success and teach others the lessons I have learned.

5. I pledge to make sound financial decisions based on the information available.

6. I pledge to continuously challenge myself and others to attain peak financial and body health

7. I pledge to stay abreast of learning financial principles courageously taking the sound opportunities to secure a comfortable future for my family. 

8. I pledge to partner with like-minded individuals in creating assets that will sustain us after retirement.

9. I pledge to leave a legacy of sharing, giving and training future generations through instruction and their observance of my character.

10. I pledge to take on this challenge today and forever.